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A note from Pastor Unke

Just keep speaking--and watch for open doors!


“Do not be afraid;  keep on speaking, do not be silent.  For I am with you…because I have many people in this city.”           Acts 18:9-10
You could cut the tension with a knife.  Paul had spoken in the synagogue in Corinth before, but with each week, the gathering of Jews became more obstinate.  As they closed in around him, the more outspoken ones challenged his every claim.  “You didn’t even know the rabbi from Capernaum in Galilee.  How can you possibly think that he was the Messiah?”  “Do you honestly expect us to believe that our leaders in Jerusalem would crucify the Promised One? - Do you know more than they do?”  “And now you expect us to forego the keeping of the laws and customs of our fathers simply because you say that this man named Jesus has freed us from them?”  With each statement, the anger of the people intensified.  Nothing more could be done here.  The people had made up their stubborn minds and now were clearly threatening the messenger.  Paul needed to get out of there—quickly!
Paul shook dust out of his outer garment as a statement to them.  “Rejecting this message will be a curse upon you.  I did all I could.  I’m taking this Treasure to people who will listen!”  Paul rushed out of the synagogue as the people seethed with anger.  As he passed through the door and into the street, the synagogue leader pointed him to a large, kind looking man.  “Go with him!” the Jewish leader whispered.  “He’ll keep you safe until the crowd disperses.”  Not knowing exactly why, Paul trusted the synagogue ruler and ran toward the man who lived next door, ducking into the safety of his home.  Titius Justus, a Roman, welcomed the Apostle into his home and introduced him to his family.  Minutes later, the door opened and the synagogue ruler ducked inside.  His name was Crispus—and he had a family too.  What an opportunity to share the love of Jesus!  Paul was overjoyed to teach and to baptize every single one of them who gathered in that Roman home in Corinth that day.  One minute he was running for his life, and the next he was sharing the message of eternal life!  Corinth was filled with surprises!
And then came the vision from God.  (See the quote above.)  There was work to be done.  There were souls to be reached for salvation by the work of the Spirit.  God assured Paul that he was doing the right thing.  Just keep speaking!  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t bite your tongue and be silent.  Just keep sharing the victory of Jesus whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.
Brothers and sisters—the time is short.  The opposition is growing bolder.  The need is just as great as ever—maybe more.  We have to do something!  As Christians, what should we do?
Just keep speaking!  Do not be afraid.  There are souls to be won in the midst of this world that openly opposes the will and ways of our God. 
Paul’s passion is an inspiration to all of us.  When he was chased out of the front door of the Corinthian synagogue, he took the message to the next open door he could find.
The Lord is opening doors to people every day.  Our call is simple.  We already know what to say.  (We just reviewed the entire story of the Cross and Tomb.)  Let’s make the most of any and every opportunity to talk to people about Jesus, the Risen Savior.  Keep watching for your chance to talk about Jesus—it may be right around the corner…or maybe next door!
                                      --Pastor Unke
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