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A note from Pastor Meyer

Christians, Pay Attention.


Dear Friends in Jesus,
I want you to picture a beautiful mountain scene in your mind. Do you see the mountains rising up into the clouds and a beautifully sunny blue sky? Now I want you to zoom in on your focus.  Look at the very top of the mountain. Picture a walking path ascending from the other side of the mountain and coming down toward you. Do you see it?  As you are looking at that mountain summit, picture a runner scaling the summit and running toward you. Look at the runner closely: running with all his might, out of breath, obviously exhausted but a look of joy and excitement on his face.
It’s a messenger from the war front. He has been sent by the king back to the people with great news! The battle is over. The war is won! This is what the people have been waiting for…going out every day looking to the mountains for the herald’s coming.
Have you got those images in your mind? Now hear this verse from Isaiah 52:7.  How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah is writing of the beauty of those who proclaim the Word of God. How beautiful it is to hear the salvation from God preached, proclaimed, and taught to us and the next generations!  God always has promised that his Word would be proclaimed until the end!
Since September brings us the blessing of the start of a new Christian education year at St. Paul’s, it is good for us to remember to appreciate the beauty of those who proclaim that life-giving Word to us.
How beautiful to see the heralds of the good news bringing to the young in Sunday School! How wonderful to hear salvation taught in our Bible classes every week! How beautiful to hear those precious words in worship every week, “I forgive you all your sins!”  How awesome it is to be reminded that no matter how out of control our economy, political situation, and even the whole world seem, we can still hear the blessed truth “Your God reigns!”
Thank God for those who bring us that good news. Look for them as they cross the “mountains” to bring it to you. Come to them and hear their message!
Serving You in Christ,
Pastor Jonathan P. Meyer
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