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A note from Pastor Meyer

Christians, Pay Attention.


Dear Friends in Christ!
Do I really matter?  The answer to that question could seem to be relative to a number of things.  If I am a mother and the kids have all left, I could be tempted to feel like I matter less.  If my responsibilities at work have down-sized or I have lost my job, I really could feel that I don’t matter.  If I am struggling in my relationships at school and things aren’t going well with friends or peers, I could easily come to the conclusion that I don’t matter.  Do I really matter?
The answer is absolutely yes!  Luke 15 is the place to go if you struggle with that issue.  Jesus tended to be around those who really “didn’t matter” to the rest of society:  prostitutes, tax collectors, and those who fell into the general societal category “sinners.”  Jesus didn’t spend time with them to give the impression that he approved of their lifestyles, he did so to let them know that their sins were washed away in him.  To tell them beyond all doubt that they do matter to God.
Take some time to read Luke 15. Jesus told a series of three parables to make just that point.  A shepherd lest ninety-nine sheep in the open field to go after one sheep that had wandered away.  A woman tore her house apart to find one simple coin.  A father went out far from the house to look for his son who had left for a far off country.  Jesus point?  The seemingly little things do matter to Jesus.  Each and every sinner matters to him.
His critics did not understand how a prominent teacher like Jesus could lower himself to keep such undesirable company, but they missed the point of who and what Jesus was.
The point of those three parables illustrate this truth:  each and every single person matters to Jesus, and so do you!  He walked a perfect life on behalf of every person who has or will ever live.  He suffered and died as payment for the single sinner.  He rose again to make eternal life a reality for everyone who believes.
Finally, consider this beautiful assurance of God to you personally in Isaiah 49…
"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget,
I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”
Do I matter?  Absolutely!  Jesus tells me so.
Serving His Name,
Pastor Jonathan Meyer

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