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A note from Pastor Mueller

Christians, Pay Attention.


Miracle Jobs
Every now and then I have teased my girls on what their future work should be. In jest of course, one could be taught how to be a plumber, the second to be an electrician, and the third to be a contractor. Then down the road the three of them really could take care of each other and God-willing their father and mother in their old age!
Everyone has their dreams for the future. Often parents even dream for their kids and the possibilities which lie ahead. But God the Father took it a step further. He didn’t just dream something, he worked to make it happen and then set Jesus apart for very difficult work. He put together not just one challenging job for Jesus, not even two, but three. The jobs or offices Jesus undertook by his birth are called: prophet, priest, and king.
I’ve called these miracle jobs above because it would take a miracle for Jesus to execute them perfectly. There wasn’t one prophet in the Old Testament who did his job perfectly. Moses had to die outside the promised land in the desert. Elijah ran from his ministry. Jeremiah sinfully stepped down from his and needed to be reinstated. There wasn’t one priest who didn’t need to offer sacrifices first for their own sins. There wasn’t one king whose heart wasn’t crooked or bent or at times oppressive. Even the people who had Solomon as king desired his successor to be less harsh with them and Solomon’s advisors agreed their request was correct!
All these people couldn’t execute their one office perfectly in line with God’s will, so God asked Jesus to do all three. Be prophet. Be priest. Be king. And do them all perfectly. So he did.
As prophet, Jesus perfectly taught the Word whether his audience was willing to listen or not.
As priest, Jesus represented the world to God and became the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.
As king, Jesus led his people and singlehandedly fought for us against sin, death, and the devil and won the victory.
Because Jesus has accomplished his miracle work, it has blessed and set us apart for ours. We just get to proclaim and serve people with how Jesus rolled up his sleeves and dirtied his hands to give to us his holy work for free. In my first 8 weeks, I can see we are working very hard to do that very thing. The evangelism committee is trying to make sure the word gets out for our live nativity and how to strategize future outreach efforts. The stewardship committee is working to keep us connected and members learning who the wonderful people are worshipping and serving God with us. The elders are pursuing the lost and trying to keep them found in Christ. We have 75 children in the grade school this year which keeps the Board of Education busy. Sunday School teachers are well organized and youth programs including pioneers are running well. Shut-ins are being visited. The Audio/Visual Committee is encouraging an update to sound and worship technology to further the gospel. Since you are reading this the Technology committee has set me up well with a computer and continues to update our electronics. The Trustees are fixing and maintaining all our facilities. Choir is practicing on Mondays and blessing us in worship. We have had several people or families join our church over the past few months, several taking the Bible information course and a few considering it. There are several weddings already planned for next year. And because the end of the page is coming, I can’t tell you about Ladies Aid, Altar Guild, the History Committee and many, many, other wonderful things.
While I can’t yet tell you what my kids may do down the road in life, the one thing the gospel reveals in Christ is the miracle it is to serve Jesus in all we do. All the work going on here is miracle work, and it most certainly blesses our heavenly Father. 
Colossians 3:23-24 - 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Pastor Aaron Mueller                   
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