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St. Paul’s academic focus begins with students and families. Children are valued as children of God. Each child is also viewed as a loved son or daughter of a family we serve. Parent feedback helps steer our planning and individual students determine our instruction.

Our approach is unique. Unlike most schools today, we are not driven by test scores. We first teach students to be hard working, respectful, honest, and kind. These attributes are modeled by our teachers and staff. We believe our students’ academic success and high test scores are merely a byproduct of the values that have been taught.

With the building and nurturing of Christian character as our foundation, we are able to achieve academic excellence in reading, writing, mathematics, technology and all like.

Parent Handbook

"Not only did it [St. Paul's] prepare them academically, but it prepared them in a maturity sense and also how to live their faith..."

- Mike

This is a group of kids working on various fun projects in extended care.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School

Extended Care Program

We understand that not all parents can pick their children up at the close of school for various reasons. St. Paul’s offers an extended care option for a fee to watch children up to 5:30 pm on school days. If children are not picked up within a window of time after school is over, they are automatically placed in extended care.



The application process for the Choice program begins February 1, 2022 and closes April 21, 2022. Please visit to apply for choice or for more information. Parents or guardians enrolling students for the Choice program should direct any questions to Mr. Marohn.

People listening and participating in a PTF meeting.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School


The purpose of the Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) group is to promote interest in, and lend aid to, St. Paul’s Christian Day School. Informal meetings are held at least once each quarter. See the school calendar for the dates of these meetings. These meetings provide opportunities for the members to become better informed on matters pertaining to school activities and policies, and to express their views.

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