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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Paul’s is a Lutheran congregation of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod [WELS]. Founded in 1862, we faithfully present the teachings of Christianity and apply them lovingly to people today.

Our services are shown on cable weekly. Tune in to channel 95 or 990 (Sheboygan) Tuesdays at 10:00 am., and channel 14 (Howards Grove) Tuesdays at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.



Recent Blog Posts

St. Paul’s Worship, December 11-12, 2022

St. Paul’s Worship, December 11-12, 2022

Dec 9th, 2022 | Pastor Bode

We don’t like to wait. We get impatient when there is difficulty and discomfort. John the Baptist, Job and we need to hear, “Be Patient! The Lord is Coming.” Our sermon is on Matthew 11.

Dec. 5 Update

Dec. 5 Update

Dec 5th, 2022 | Pastor Mueller

This past week saw a 20,000 gallon water holding tank installed for the circular system. Block was delivered and soon the fire wall will be built this next week. Our pre-engineered steel tentatively arrives Dec. 13. Metal decking for the roof has already arrived! We are going to start to see the skeleton/structure take shape in December!

St. Paul’s Worship December 4 & 5

St. Paul’s Worship December 4 & 5

Nov 29th, 2022 | Pastor Mueller

Greetings St. Paul's Family and Friends, The day is coming where you will meet your Lord Jesus. On that day he won't be in swaddling clothes. He'll be wrapped in glory as the God-man he is. _How will you be?_ Will you be surprised at his grandeur? Will you be caught off guard by your sin? Or will you be prepared by faith and dressed in Christ's success freely given you through the means of grace? For that to happen God steers us away from our sin to prepare for that meeting with the term, "Repent." May we take it to heart and take him to heart! God's blessings, Pastor Mueller

With flowers, friendly faces, and our Savior Jesus, St. Paul's encourages people on their way to eternal life.

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