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This is a picture of St. Paul’s Church.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Our Mission

St. Paul’s exists for you to meet and grow to know your God. To do that we simply teach people what he has revealed about himself in the Bible. As his people we love to gather together to worship the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We want to grow in God’s Word and lovingly apply all his teachings to our lives. Since God wants all to be saved, it is our honor to share his glorious message and go with it to the area.

St. Paul’s Pillars


St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church sees faith in Jesus Christ as our highest priority. Our faith in the Lord stands behind every action we take as staff and members and how we portray ourselves inside and outside our facilities. Our Savior Jesus’ love for us drives and motivates us to the best we can possibly be.


The team behind St. Paul’s is a collaborative effort by all members of its staff. Together we strive to follow the Scriptures to shape our service to God. Through his teachings God shapes a positive, productive work environment and helps us achieve his goals. Each member of St. Paul’s is a vital part and integral to furthering his kingdom.


St. Paul’s community involvement is the result of Jesus’ work through us in his Word. It is our goal that the Living Nativity, Car Show, Community Great Exchange (free clothing and merchandise), and community events serve God’s high purposes: they humbly seek to serve him and our neighbor.


All of St. Paul’s internal staff are dedicated servants of the Lord - and we are thankful to God for them. St. Paul’s takes steps to acknowledge our staff’s hard work for the church, community, and the Lord.

We Believe...

I. God and His Revelation

Meet your Triune God and his miraculous book: the Bible.

II. Creation, Mankind, and Sin

God created everything and it was good! It was people who started sin.

III. Christ and Redemption

Jesus is Lord! He came to save you by being the payment for sin.

IV. Justification By Grace through Faith

God’s love is tremendous. He graciously forgives and you receive it through faith.

V. Good Works and Prayer

Through faith in Jesus, God loves our prayers and our deeds!

VI. The Means of Grace

God works his spiritual blessings through the gospel in the Bible, through Baptism and Communion.

VII. Church and Ministry

God makes us part of his one Church, and leads us to join a visible church!

VIII. Church and State

Christians want to serve as faithful citizens in God’s kingdom and under earthly governments.

IX. Jesus’ Return and the Judgement

Jesus is going to return once in glory to judge all. God’s people look forward to it!

Church Leaders

This is a picture of Pastor Brian Pechman and his family

Brian Pechman

Lead Pastor

Pastor Pechman and his family joined our congregation in June 2024.

This is a picture of Pastor Adam Bode

Adam Bode


Pastor Bode ministers in the areas of Worship, Inreach, and Administration at St. Paul’s. He served in school ministry for 3 years and has now been in parish ministry since 2009. He particularly loves preaching, singing and playing the trumpet.

This is a picture of Mr. Luther Curia, his wife Gillian and children.

Luther Curia

Staff Minister

Mr. Curia graduated from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN in 2003 and began teaching at St. Paul’s that fall. He is currently serving as part-time 3rd-4th grade teacher and part-time Worship & Music Coordinator.

This is a picture of Erin Radue and her family. She is the church and school office administrator.

Erin Radue


Erin has a passion for working in a school system. She has been a life-long member of St. Paul’s. Erin enjoys spending time with her husband, Justin, and her children.

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St. Paul’s first pastor, Rev. John Sprengling


In 1859 the Rev. John Sprengling was serving the congregation at St. Peter’s in Town Mosel (now Grace Lutheran in Haven). Rev. Sprengling held membership in the Wisconsin Synod and was the first Lutheran missionary in the area. He was greeted with great joy and organized St. Paul’s Congregation (Town Herman) in 1862. A church building measuring 20 feet x 26 feet was erected on the southeast corner of Hwy 32 and Playbird Road and dedicated in 1863. Before that time church services alternated between the Mahler School in the Town of Sheboygan Falls and the Millersville School (Oetling farmhouse annex). Later in 1862 Sprengling also organized St. Luke’s Congregation (Town of Sheboygan Falls). The two congregations shared a single pastor until St. Luke’s severed relations with St. Paul’s and the Wisconsin Synod in 1908.


The Millersville School: The first free school in Town of Herman was established in 1848. School was held in a log building annexed to the Charles Oetling farmhouse on the northwest corner of Hwy 32 and Millersville Avenue.

This is a picture of the location of the Millersville School.
This is a picture of the standalone schoolhouse.


A separate schoolhouse was built in 1868 across from the Oetling farmhouse. The building, no longer used as a schoolhouse, is located on the southwest corner of Hwy 32 and Millersville Avenue, still stands today.


In 1870 St. Paul’s Congregation called Rev. August Kleinhans to serve them as their first resident pastor. Rev. Kleinhans accepted the call and a parsonage was provided for him. He served until 1878.

This is a picture of Rev. August Kleinhans
This is a picture of St. Paul’s first parsonage


The old parsonage is located on the northeast corner of Hwy 32 and Playbird Road. In 1870 the congregation bought land and the earliest plat map (1862) indicates the house was already there. It was remodeled and rededicated in 1903. It served St. Paul’s congregation until a new parsonage was built in 1979.


In 1884 a new brick church was built on the old cemetery lot to replace the original wooden structure. The church was acknowledged as a county landmark in 1984 by Sheboygan County Landmarks Ltd.

This is a picture of St. Paul’s newly built brick church, in 1884.
This is a picture of a new school built in 1917.


In 1917 a three level 30 x 48 foot Christian School was built on the northeast corner of Hwy 32 and Playbird Road. Many in the congregation remember attending Vacation Bible School in the building. The school was also the site for confirmation classes and various church organizations, functions, and celebrations i.e. Kinderfest and Missionfest.


In 1966 the school building was sold and removed replaced by a new Christian Education Building dedicated in 1967. In 1974 St. Paul’s opened its Christian Day School with Kindergarten through fifth grade.

This is a picture of the new education wing built on the church.
This is a picture of the parsonage built in 1979.


The old parsonage had served the congregation well for over 100 years, but a change was needed. 1979 a new parsonage was built just north of the church and old cemetery lot on Hwy 32.


In 2003 a new house of worship was completed at 441 Millersville Avenue in Howards Grove. The 30,000 square foot complex is more than 4X the size of the congregation’s former church and school building. It consists of the church where we hear the preaching of God’s Word, a Christian Day School (K4 to 8th grade) where children receive a Christ-centered education. It includes a gymnasium.

This is a picture of St. Paul’s on Millersville Ave., since 2003.